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How valuable would it be for your team to have 3 one-on-one sessions with best selling author and customer service expert, Michael Barnett to discuss your service efforts? Do you have a limited amount of time? The Blue Box Project is a great solution for busy leaders and key customer service employees.

THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES: The Blue Box Project is an engaging and educational option to empower your team leader, Service Architect, and a few key team members. You'll receive with this package:  Free study materials, 3 meetings for 1-3 team members, and a follow up strategy after all sessions are complete. The Explorational package can be an in-person or virtual session experience.

HOW DOES IT WORK? A few days prior to our first meeting, you will receive a Blue Box from Six-Sided Service that will include items to be used for our time together. 

Our meetings can be 3 separate (1 hr.) lunch trainings or a single 3 hour interactive session.

After the final session, you will receive a report that includes assessments, strategies, and tools to empower your service efforts.