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You can't afford to lose another customer. You also need your team to have the ability to attract, acquire and retain more customers who follow you regardless of circumstances. For just a small investment with your team members, you can find ways to make your customer's day and make it stick! Let us educate your team with our Customer Relationship Imprinting course.

THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES: Engaging and affordable content to train your team members that will enable them to consistently deliver exceptional service. These video courses include workbooks and questions at the end of each section to help ensure content retention.

  • Students will learn the 6 Customer Relationship Imprinting Elements that will give your team a firm foundation and clear path to more customer-centric service.
  • Discover Relational Velcro, The Internal Service Switch and other needed key concepts to move your service from 'acceptable' to exceptional.
  • Give your team consistent training and follow their class progress through our certification program (included at no extra charge).

HOW IT WORKS: Once you have sign-up for this course, you will have access to the Customer Relationship Imprinting course, workbook and additional content. Each student's progress will be monitored through our program so you can know what courses your team members have completed.

Pricing is per seat/student. Contact us for significant team discounts.